Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011: D is for Dance

Anyone who’s ever known me knows that I love to dance. Ever since I was about 19 years old and discovered Diana Ross, dancing has been a part of my life. When I dance I feel free, like there’s nothing else in the world but me and the music (except maybe sometimes my dancing partner, lol). I credit dancing with the shape I’m in, for I always include some dancing in my daily workout. It’s way more fun than straight up aerobics! In short, there are two things about life that I could never do without, and that’s music and dancing!

D is for Dance!

Dance, it’s all I wanna do so won’t you dance…

Yes, sometimes when I’m stressed or something’s bothering me, I only wish that I could dance. I remember one time, about a year after Joe and I broke up, we were both invited to the same party. It was Labor Day Weekend, 2008. It was the first time we’d seen each other since he’d moved out and things were very awkward between us. I can’t explain the feelings I was going through, but around 10:30 he and I left, coincidentally at the same time. We chatted for a minute by the front door and then he jumped into his car and took off really quickly. Suddenly I had the overwhelming urge to cry.

As I watched his car turn the corner from my rear view window, I reached for my cell phone, the tears streaming down my cheeks like a river. I called my friend Rich, who offered to come over. I made my way home to wait for him. By that time it was already almost 11:30 and I knew Rich had been in his pj’s when I called and he was going to stop for coffee, so I had some time before he would get there. I put my iPod into its dock.

Before you knew it I was feeling better. I’d just downloaded some Beyonce and her “If I Were a Boy” immediately began to soothe my sorrows. When the song ended, “Get Me Bodied” came on. Now “Get Me Bodied” is a fierce dance song sung in classic diva style and I had just learned it recently. I got up from my chair and I started to move. Before you knew it, I was dancing all over the place, doing my best diva impersonation, something no one should ever witness!

Little did I know that right when I was getting into my best dancing mode, my back screen door opened. It was Rich, who knew I wouldn’t hear the front door and came around back, right when I was in a… um…compromising dance position. I screamed like a black lady in church as he walked in and I think he laughed about it for almost an hour afterwards.

Of course once the laughing stopped, I was able to get myself together and talk as Rich listened. He helped me a great deal that night, but it was Beyonce who gave me the little shove I needed to get myself back on the road to feeling better. Dancing does that!

So if you’re ever feeling down (and you’re alone in your house!), pop in your iPod or a CD and dance. I guarantee you’ll feel better in no time.

Of course, here’s the diva herself…


Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) - null

"Do the scissor leg, touch your heels, touch your toes"

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