Monday, August 19, 2013

The Gay Real World, P-town - Wrapping It All Up

Now that I've finished chronicling our vacation in P-town, I'd like to wrap up the whole thing in a nice, neat package.  A year ago today, I would never have imagined this trip.  Last year at this time I didn't know any of these guys, and who'd have figured that joining a lousy little bowling league would change my social life so much?  I am lucky!

I remember when I was first asked to go on the trip in the fall of 2012.  My pal Tim asked me.  I met he and his teammate Sean (who was definitely missed by all this week!) my first night bowling and the two of them became fast friends, followed by so many others.  Anyway, I accepted the invite, and there ya go.

I was apprehensive about the trip beforehand, but almost immediately I was at ease and going with a wonderful flow.  Provincetown is magical, really.  It's beautiful and charming, historic and wonderful, and like I said before, it is gay Disney!  But it wouldn't have been nearly as good as it was if not for the people I was with.

P-town 2013

This was the true story
(true story)
of seven strangers 
picked together to live in a house

They brought along bowling buddies and lovers and friends
and they each added their own special flavor to the group.

First there were the elders, 
who'd been there before.
Eric and Rick, Jim and Steve, and J.C.,
each with P-town experience
and each the sage of our daily, or nightly, activities. 

Of the elders, Mr. Eric was the kindredest of spirits,
making friends, making fun, and singing his heart out at Show Tunes night.
Sometimes the Punter's Planch eased his friendly ways,
always with a smile, always with a laugh, and always with the venerable Rick by his side.

Then there were the housemates,
Tim, Steve, Gary, Sal, Al, Kyle and I.
All easy-going, and all as sweet as sugar.

Tim and Steve were my bunk-mates,
P-town funnin' and summer luvin.'
Gary, easy-breezy, go with the flow
and colorful, matchy Sal, taking it all in.
Al, provider of food and laughter
and Kyle, the closest thing to a frat in the frat house

Then there were others,
on my fringe, but friendly and fun.
Sean and Leo, Mike n Mike, Nick and Chris...
One big happy family reveling in the moment.

There were tea dances and whale watching,
Miss Ritchfield and show tunes,
trips to the beach, shopping and bike rides through trails and crowded streets.
Camaraderie was building
everywhere you turned, at luaus and a frat party,
conversations on the patio,
all happening beneath that iconic tower.

Yes, it was a trip like no other,
memories made to be cherished
for a long time to come.
So thanks P-town, and thanks to my new, special friends.
Here's to P-town 2014!


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