Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Roller Coaster Trip, Part II: Flight of Fear and Griffon

Jeez, it's already been awhile since I blogged about my coaster trip to Virginia, and I've posted two articles on Examiner since then.  Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion are two world-class parks and it was fun to ride all the rides there, except of course for Intimidator at the latter, which has been closed for maintenance most of the summer.

Aliens invade Flight of Fear

The two pieces I penned on my Adventure Parks page are about Flight of Fear in Kings Dominion and Griffon in Busch Gardens.  The first one we had ridden in Kings Island in Cincinnati a couple of years ago and I had forgotten how good it was.  Flight of Fear is an indoor coaster, many of which I do not like.  All the ones I've ridden before, except Space Mountain in Disney, were disappointing at best, but this one is freaking awesome!

You would never know from entering the building what's inside, but soon after the darkness of the place and the sound of screams up ahead are excitingly intimidating.  Throw in a fun ride operator, who took pleasure in enhancing the experience for the most scared of riders by teasing them before releasing the linear induction coaster into the darkness, and a whole new element of fun is added to the experience.

The other ride, in Williamsburg, was one my pal Dita could not wait for me to ride and for good reason.  Griffon is one of the best rides I've ever ridden!  What makes this one so good is the makeup of the train itself (10 seats across, 3 rows deep) and the terrifying element of pausing at the crest of the first hill which gives you a feeling of fright like no other.  In addition, the ride is as smooth as anything and nothing but fun the whole way through!  Check out a video I shot of it below:

This ride was no doubt inspired by a coaster in Alton Towers, England, which I've been dying to visit ever since I first heard of it.  The ride there is called Oblivion, and here's a ride on that one:

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