Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Big Gay Shopping Trip

Well, it finally, really feels like P-Town is here!  Tonight was the long-awaited shopping trip to Costco to buy our goods for the week.  Seven gay men, who only really know each other from our bowling league, making a big ole trip to Costco for some meat, chips and paper products.  The Gay Real World, Provincetown has unofficially begun!

The guys

I have to say that tonight's little shopping excursion made me feel a whole lot better about what's to come.  All of my housemates, Tim, Steve, Gary, Sal, Kyle and Al are as easy-going as I, and we all have the same kind of dis-organizational skills, too, lol, though we ended up doing alright.  We all had our heads in the right place, knowing enough to go shopping en bulk for the week, but none of us made an actual list of what we needed, except for Al, who wasn't present for our meeting a few weeks ago and just got back from a long time away last Saturday.  Thanks Al!

So here we were, seven guys picked together to live in a house, and Jimmy, Tim's straight nephew, heading into Costco to shop for the things we would need to survive a week. We walked in with two shopping carts and ended up leaving with three.  The whole thing was sort of fun, and a little free-for-allish...

Does anyone eat cereal?

How about some London broil?

Where are the red Solo cups?

You like hot or mild salsa?

Am I the only one who drinks coffee?

(Yeah, that last one was me!  We had just passed the coffee aisle and no one even noticed.  I got my coffee.)

Just like me when I go shopping, we didn't really make a list of exactly what we needed, but that's okay because we knew (also like me) generally the things we needed. Checking out showcased our approach, too, as when it came time to pay, there we all were grabbing our bills out of our pockets to try and get all the money together as the line of customers waiting behind us grew longer and longer by the second.  I couldn't help but chuckle at poor Al and Tim, who were the ones stuck at the register putting it all together to pay as the evil stares were coming their way.

I'm guessing this is how it's going to be in the house next week...easy breezy, which is how it should be.  Vacations are supposed to be fun, and easy-breezy.  I'm thinking this one's going to be just to remember!

Yes, it was a hefty load!

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