Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Gay Real World P-town: P-town and Me

Tea on Monday

Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 3:30 P.M.

It's a dreary, rainy afternoon here in Provincetown and I think that's just what I needed.  The past three days have been filled with activity, between whale watching and drinking and dancing and drinking, and shopping and more drinking, physically I'm a little, shall I say, worn.  Having a day like today to just chill and relax is a godsend.

We've got some guests here in the Real World house, a couple who are good friends of Tim's that he invited to stay for the night.  They're nice people, but it's weird because since they came yesterday afternoon the atmosphere of the house has changed.  Some of the housemates have been hanging around outside of the house, and we all haven't really hung together since Sunday, which is kind of sad, but at least it's only for one night.  Another good thing for the day, as I kind of wanted to spend some time alone.

So as everybody went off to do their own thing this morning, I hung around the house for a bit, showered and dressed, and went off to explore the shopping and art and beauty of P-town.  Our house is right in the middle of the business district on Commercial St. and so I only needed to walk both directions to see it all.  I started off towards the East End, which is where many of the art galleries are.

Though I had to walk between the raindrops for much of the morning, it was a cool and interesting walk. Since it was cloudy and decidedly not a beach day, the streets and the stores were extra crowded with families and homos alike.  The East End... check that, the whole place, is very artsy and a lot of the stores and restaurants are pleasingly aesthetic, and eclectic, to the eye.

So I walked up and down Commercial St. for a few hours, meandering in and out of places and chit-chatting with strangers.  I bought some cologne. (Did I tell you that my thoroughly-packed toiletry bag is still sitting in my house on Long Island?)  I smelled scents from all over the world and checked out some cool local artwork.   It was really a pleasant afternoon!

So here I sit on the deck of the Real World house with Kyle writing this as we wait for tea.  Then after tea, it's show tunes night at the Wave.  Elder Eric made us all mark our calendars for this night, but, um, yeah, I don't really like show tunes.  Ugh!  But both Kyle and Eric are making me go, so...

to be continued...     

By the way, here's my show tune...

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