Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Song of the Day - Love's Unkind - Donna Summer

Most gay men have their diva, that one female singer that they adore.  Virtually any major female singer out there has their own legion of devoted gay fans following them and they're all so iconic that they're often recognized by just one name: Cher, Britney, Christina, Janet, Diana, Madonna, Mariah, Kelly, Liza, Kylie...the list goes on and on.

Now I've written before about my own divas.  In the span of my life, I've devotedly followed two of them: Diana Ross and Madonna, but that doesn't mean they're my only two divas. In recent months, I've met two people, the first two in my life, who were devotees of the late Donna Summer, who also holds a special place in my heart.

Donna Summer has been an iconic figure in her own right, but until recently I've never come across anyone for whom she was their number one diva, and she's a singer who deserves to have her own legion of devotees.  Donna has had a storied career, not only as a disco queen in the 70's, but a pop star in each decade that followed.

Though Diana and Madge were always my number one thing, Donna was always present in my music listening habits.  From the classic disco of I Remember Yesterday, Bad Girls and Once Upon a Time to the great pop sounds of The Wanderer, Another Place in Time and even her last album, Crayons, Donna's heavenly voice and keen sense for great music has made her a constant presence in my life.

When she suddenly passed away a little over a year ago, the world certainly lost a great talent, and I never thought she got the accolades or the coverage that she deserved. Anyway, yesterday was one of those days where I delved into Donna headfirst, listening to almost her entire catalog (the stuff I've got anyway), spurred on by a conversation with a recent acquaintance of mine, Evan. Between him and another pal, Milton, Donna's certainly covered.

So here's one of my favorites from Donna's 70's catalog.  It's a cutesy, retro tune about a crush she has on someone who doesn't even notice her.  The video is of poor quality, but the performance is amazing.  Check out Love's Unkind:

Before you check out the lyrics below, here are three stories I've penned on Donna at Yahoo:

Love's Unkind

Well I seem him every morning in the schoolyard
When the schoolbell rings
And when he passes in the hallway
Well he doesn't seem to notice me
He's got a crush on my best friend
But she don't care, 'cause she loves someone else
I'm standing on the outside, not the inside where I wanna be

Love's unkind, love's unkind
Love's unkind, love's unkind
'cause he's not mine

Just the other day I was praying that he would give me a chance
Hoping he would choose me for his partner
For the high school dance
I was standing outside the class
But it wasn't me, but my best friend, he asked
I went running back inside teary-eyed
And left the two of them behind

Love's unkind, love's unkind
Love's unkind, love's unkind
'cause he's not mine

Oh, how I love him, but I can't even let him know
'cause he loves my best friend
But she don't care, she loves someone else
And I asked my mama, and she said: love's unkind
Love's so unkind
She said: just keep it alive
'cause you may find love's unkind

Love's unkind, love's unkind
Love's unkind, love's unkind

Oh, Why did I have to love him so
Why did I have to love him so

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