Thursday, August 15, 2013

P-town Song of the Day - Express Yourself - Madonna

Yesterday's tea was in honor of Ms. Madge for her upcoming birthday (which is tomorrow).  Most of us went down earlier than usual to take in all the Madonnaliciousness, but really, it wasn't that great at first.  Oh, they handed out "I Love Madonna" buttons and all, and it seemed like it was gonna be good from the get-go, but the deejay played remixes of Madge songs that were barely recognizable except for the snippets of lyrics thrown in to the club and dub beats.  Ugh!

Like every other event in our world, the gays always have to be late, and so it is with tea.  The crowd never really gets going until about 5:30, and then you have an hour and a half to whoop it up before they kick you outta there.  And so it was last night.  At 5:30-ish the music began to get great and real estate on the dance floor became hard to find.

In a testament to the Queen, virtually everybody on (and around) the floor was dancing and singing at the tops of their lungs, and everyone knew all the words.  We all jammed to Into the Groove, Gimme All Your Luvin, Burning Up, and this one, which I think caused the biggest dancing and singing frenzy.  So much fun...

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