Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Gay Real World, P-town: The Beach; Punter's Planch; Sweet and Sour

Thursday, August 15, 2013, 9:30 AM

Hump Day has passed, but this week for us the hump was the other way around.  It's been a week full of bliss and not one any of us necessarily wants it to end.  With that said, I am already readying my mind for the end, going home and back to life.  It's all good, though, there's always next year...

Groggy, Low Key Wednesday

Yesterday was kind of a relaxing, laid back day for a lot of us.  The effects of the partying for four days straight takes a toll on even the strongest of people.  For the first four nights of this trip, Kyle, Al and I (and sometimes Gary), have been the "dirty stayouts," closing the night out with nightcaps and conversation on the patio, but last night we were all pooped and the night ended earlier than usual.

Beach Time

Yesterday was as great day for the beach.  Temps were in the high 70's and the sky was the bluest of blue.  After an overcast Tuesday, I wanted to get a beach trip in yesterday.  By the time I got myself together to leave the house, however, everybody in the house was already gone.  And so I made my way alone, which is how I usually go to the beach at home anyway.

There are two big beaches here in Provincetown, Race and Herring Cove.  I opted for the latter, which was so beautiful!  The beaches are different here, with a mix of rocks and sand that are hard to walk on.  A sign was posted at the entrance to the beach warning about the sand "collapsing" easily, and it didn't lie. Walking to my spot was rough, to say the least.

The same sign that warned of the difficult terrain also warned of rip currents and, gulp, sharks! Though I know that we have them on Long Island, we don't have warning signs like that there, so when I saw that I gasped.  I haven't really swum in the ocean since Jaws, and things weren't about to change.

So I spent an hour at the beach, relaxing and listening to Nelly Furtado, and taking in the beautiful scenery.  The coastline is beautiful here, different than the straight Long Island coastline, sweeping along the tip of Cape Cod in the shape of an arc. Check it out...

Punter's Planch

I've been avoiding a certain toxic drink that's a staple at tea dance.  Their infamous Planter's Punch had already landed a few blows on the likes of Steve, Gary, Tim, and pretty much everyone else around.  So I hadn't indulged for fear of being punched out myself too early in the evening. Madonna Tea was the perfect time to try the punch, and so....six Planter's Punch's later...

Needless to say, by the time I got back to the house all I wanted to do was lay down.  I went into my room and listened to Moby on my bed (words I never thought would come from my mouth!). Nothing was spinning or anything, I was just relaxing.  My Moby-induced bliss though was interrupted, as we all had tickets to see a local celebrity drag queen, Miss Richfield.

Sweet and Sour

Miss Richfield's show is called Sweet and Sour, and it's lots of schtick and pretty off-color, lol. Like many other drag performers, Miss R is colorful and sassy, and her humor can be downright raunchy, yet shockingly hilarious.  Unfortunately, the punch from earlier made me a little groggy and a little moody and so I didn't enjoy her as much as my housemates.  Oh sure, I laughed at some her most outrageous jokes, which were made at the expense of a big black dude from New York and a short, stocky lesbian from I don't know where.  Maybe if I hadn't had those punters planch's.  

After the show, everybody separated and I was still feelin the punch, so I came back and chilled here until the dirty stay outs came home...

Today's going to be a nice one, weather-wise, too!  I love being able to have days ahead of me to do whatever I want, which today will include a bike ride, a trip up the tower, and some shopping before tea.  Today's tea is going to be 70's music and so that should be fun, too!  After that, who knows???

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