Thursday, June 16, 2011

Song of the Day - Above the Clouds - Amber

Amber was a hot commodity back in the late 90's/early 2000's. With plenty of great club hits including 'This is Your Night,' 'Sexual (Li Da Di),'One More Night,' and this one, the Netherlands born, German raised singer was all over the club scene and the dance charts during that time. One of the singer's shining moments came in 1998 when she was made a part of the group Stars on 54 to do a disco remake of Gordon Lightfoot's classic 'If You Could Read My Mind' for the movie '54.' The group featured two other similarly styled and popular singers Jocelyn Enriquez and Ultra Nate and that song is one of my all time favorites.

'Above the Clouds' is a pleasantly happy song, giving the listener images of soft, puffy white clouds floating within a big blue sky. The song's got a great beat that blends perfectly with the lyrics and is pure sunshine! The song always makes me think of the great 'Sex and the City,' as it was featured in the closing sequence to an episode in which the girls have a summer rooftop party with some drag queen prostitutes that Samantha had been having a hard time with. The scene epitomized what made that show so great and having this song in the background just gave it that extra special feel.

There was no video made for 'Above the Clouds,' unfortunately. All that was available were a couple of concert scenes of the singer performing it live, which took away from the song itself. I always like to feature the original versions of songs when I do a song of the day and so I chose to include an audio track of the original recording, and I threw in a snippet of that 'Sex and the City' scene I spoke of. I hope you'll enjoy both!

Above the Clouds (B-Mix) - Above the Clouds - EP

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