Monday, June 20, 2011

Song(s) of the Day - Shake That Body/Move This - Robi Rob's Clubworld/Technotronic, feat. Ya Kid K

Today's "Song of the Day" is another double dose. Does anybody remember a female rapper called Ya Kid K? She rapped with a group called Technotronic back in the day and she had an unmistakable rapper's voice. The group had a couple of hits, including 'Pump Up the Jam,' 'Get Up (Before the Night is Over),' and this one, the catchy, soothing 'Move This.' Most of you who were around back in 1992 might remember this from a cosmetics commercial featuring then hot model Cindy Crawford. It was very hot!

What made me decide to feature 'Move This' was another song that also featured Ya Kid K singing some of the lyrics to this song in a whole new way. Robbie Rob was one half of the C&C Music Factory's Clivilles and Cole and he made an album called 'Robi-Rob's Clubworld' that was full of slammin' dance tunes that were out of sight! The most memorable song from that album was the still very popular in clubs and at parties 'Boriqua Anthem,' but to me this one's just as fun...a little Technotronic with some Latin flava made for a very jamming song. Check this one out first before you relive 'Move This'...and try to stay in your seat if you can!

Robi Rob's Clubworld - Robi Rob's Clubworld

Move This - Pump Up the Jam

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