Saturday, June 11, 2011

T is for 'Things Can Only Get Better'

I’ve definitely been slacking in the Z-A Challenge. Though I’m already almost six weeks behind, I intend to see it through all the way until the end. After all, some of my entries in both the A-Z and Z-A Challenges are among my highest rated, and so I think I’ll stick with it. The next letter in our succession is the letter “T.” I could have done a lot of things with it, but I heard a song the other day that I used to love in the early nineties…

T is for 'Things Can Only Get Better'

I thought I’d already looked for this song on YouTube once upon a time and couldn’t find it, but I put it in again tonight for shits and giggles and surprisingly it came up many times. ‘Things Can Only Get Better,’ by a British group called D:Ream. I discovered it on one of the many club CD’s I had purchased in those days and I loved it upon first listen. The song’s got all of the things I like in a song: inspirational lyrics, a catchy chorus, and lots of highs and lows to keep it varied in tempo. The beginning of the song is a bit cut off in the video…I tried several before realizing they’re all like that, but it’s not that big of a deal. Check out ‘Things Can Only Get Better,’ by D:Ream:

Things Can Only Get Better - D:Ream On, Vol. 1

Of course that’s not the only song with the same name. I’ll bet that when most of you saw the title, you probably thought of this other, more popular tune from the 80’s. Howard Jones’ ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ was a big hit back in the day and though I prefer the D:Ream song to this one, I do still like Jones’ song. I couldn’t put one here without the other, so without further adieu, here’s Howard Jones:

Best of Howard Jones - Howard Jones

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