Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Note: Change in Comments

I had to make a change to this blog out of necessity, and it is oh so frustrating, but I had no choice.  For the past several weeks I've been getting anywhere from  5-25 emails daily in my inbox, which contain spam comments to posts on this blog.  They all read something like,

"Oh what wonderful insight you have.  I have to tell all my friends about it.  By the way, check out my website..." and there's always a link there to an "enlarge your penis" or "buy tobacco products" or "lose 100 pounds guaranteed' at the end.

I gotta tell ya, I hate hate hate spam!  And I'm sick of having to waste time to delete them all.  So unfortunately, I had to limit the ability to posting comments to only Open ID users, so some of you who have posted comments in the past may have to go through an extra step to write one.  Sorry about that!

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