Saturday, January 26, 2013

Music News Bytes: 'Nuclear' and 'Suit & Tie' Reviews; New Music; Prince

Welcome and thank you for checking out another edition of Music News Bytes.  I subscribe to new music on Google Alerts and I read a lot of blogs, such as the ones on the left pane of John's World, so whenever I see new music items I find of interest, I like to share them here.

In this edition, I throw my two cents in on the new Destiny's Child and Justin Timberlake records and I've got some more new and exciting news about some new music heading your way.  So please read on...

Nuclear - Destiny's Child

The first song from Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle in a long, long time is a 90's-stye, R&B jam.  The track has a much more mature sound than earlier stuff from the girls, and reminiscent of some of the stuff off Bey's 4 album.  I'm not loving it, perhaps because I'm partial to the fast n funky stuff I'm used to from them.  Check out Nuclear.

The girls will be performing the song as part of Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show set on February 3rd, along with old faves Survivor and Bills, Bills, Bills.  Should be fun to watch.

Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake

I'll be on my suit n tie, suit n tie, suit n tie...

Okay, now that I've had about two weeks to digest Justin Timberlake's newest song, I've concluded that I'm still not crazy about it.  Compared to SexyBack from his last album, FutureSexLoveSound, this one's a real sleeper.  Oh, it's not a bad song, but hardly a jump-out-loud, must-have song that one might expect from such a huge comeback.  The track is a little too slow for my taste, and like the new Destiny's Child record, it is very R&B.  I've still got confidence, though, that the new record's gonna be slammin! Check out Suit & Tie if you haven't heard it already.

Robyn on the Horizon

One of my favorite singers over the past couple of years, Robyn, has finally reached the end of a long round of touring in support of her Body Talk trilogy of stellar albums, and she's finally settling in to working on her next project.  She told Idolator's Pitchfork that she's been listening to a lot of Balearic House music for inspiration.  I for one, cannot wait!  Check out the interview at Idolator, and check out the club version of her Indestructible:


RiRi/Chris Brown Making New Music Again

Idolator is also reporting that Rihanna and Chris Brown are working on a new song together.  The former flames have been making a lot of music together over the last couple of years, including RiRi's Unapologetic track, Nobody's Business, and the remix for her Talk That Talk song, Birthday Cake.  No one knows when the song will come out just yet, but stay tuned...


The iconic Prince is making a return to the spotlight in a big way this month, as Billboard Magazine will be honoring the singer with a Billboard Icon Award for his contributions to the music industry.  Prince was a huge thing in the 80's, and even though he had faded from the spotlight, he's been continually making new music.  I featured his hit Erotic City as Song of the Day yesterday, and I've always been a fan, having seen him perform twice (both fantastic shows!).  I'm planning a piece on him and his music, but there's plenty of other stuff out there on the man these days, so in the meantime check out some of the links in this portion of the post.

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