Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Erotic City - Prince, featuring Sheila E

WARNING: A bad video and some explicit lyrics ahead!

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Since it was announced this week that Prince was going to be honored at this year's Billboard Music Awards, I figured that Flashback Friday would be a good day to feature one of my favorite Prince songs.  Erotic City was originally the B-Side to his single Let's Go Crazy and it received plenty of airtime in the clubs and on my own stereo.  There was just something about that bassy sound and the nasty lyrics that made this one so irresistible , especially the callbacks by Sheila E.   I had a lot of trouble finding a video with the original version of the tune, it seems to have been banned everywhere else, and so this was the best I could find.

If we cannot make babies, maybe we can make some time
Thoughts so pretty, you and me, erotic city come alive...

Erotic City from Jeff Johnson on Vimeo.

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