Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chris Brown and Rihanna - Down and Dirrrty and in Poor Taste!

Well there's been a lot of chatter and guessing about Rihanna's newest collaboration the past couple of weeks and now finally we all know who it is. As people have been guessing, the guest vocalist on the remix of "Birthday Cake" is none other than Chris Brown, Rihanna's former boyfriend and current who-the-hell-knows-what.

When the Chris Brown/Rihanna began to swirl last week, the Internet was all abuzz because...well, of course...that would be bona fide news. But as of last Friday, those Brown rumors were purportedly quashed, as "Birthday Cake" producers Da Internz "confirmed via ... tweet that it would not be Chris Brown featured on the song," and silly me, I believed em! I wouldn't have cared if it was Brown or not guesting on the new remix," but after listening too it, I have to say I lost some respect for the two of them.

The two singers took to their Twitter pages on Monday to announce their collaboration on one another's songs (Rihanna also appears on a remix to Brown's "Turn Up the Music."). They expressed an "f-you" attitude over what people might think:

Rihanna: They can say whatever, Ima do wahtever... No pain is forever <----- YUP! YOU KNOW THIS

Brown: Let them be mad!!!!! We make music. Don't like it, don't listen! Turn up the music remix is coming soon too! Guess who's on it?

So, Rihanna's forgiven Chris. That's just fine. I never went along with judging him anyway...I leave judging to a higher power. I think the man is talented and yes, I even like some of his songs, and I never let that incident interfere with that. It's RiRi's prerogative how she wants to proceed in her relationship with Brown, but what I'm having trouble with here is the song itself.

To me, this "shocking" collaboration is like a big middle finger to the world, especially from Rihanna. Working together is one thing, but using such vulgarity in the new lyrics is mocking the past, and that's without even mentioning the tweets. Take a look at Brown's part in the song:

"Girl I wanna f**k you right now
Been a long time I been missing your body
Lemme turn the lights down
When I wanna go down it's a private party
Ooh, it's not even her birthday
But I wanna lick that icing out
Give it to her in the worst way
I can't wait to blow the candles out
I want that...."

Do they really need to be that nasty? I know the song is 'dirrrty' already, but these lyrics are just too downright explicit and real life...way too much information for us. I've always been a big fan Rihanna's music, but not this. It's being dirty for vulgarity's sake and it's totally unnecessary, and to me it's as if they're saying to us, "Yeah, that's right. Something really bad happened between us once, and y'all got all worked up about it, but you know what? We don't care and we just wanna get down and nasty with each other , no matter what you all think."

I never mind a little naughtiness in music...there's already plenty of it on "Talk That Talk," but this goes way beyond for me and is, in my opinion, in poor taste. Whether they like it or not, both of them serve as role models for youngsters, and in this remix, they serve as poster boy and girl of how not to be. This is one Rihanna record I will not be downloading!

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