Monday, February 13, 2012

Fox Viewers Show Their True Colors with Ugly Diatribes Against Whitney Houston

I saw a post on Keith Olbermann’s Facebook fan page today that disturbed me enough that I want to talk about it here. The post referred to an article about Fox News fans and their pretty disgusting remarks about singer Whitney Houston’s death on Saturday. The article appears on a website called little green footballs and it was written by site founder Charles Johnson.

I read through Mr. Johnson’s article, Fox News Commenters Respond to Whitney Houston’s Death With Deluge of Hate and Racism, and was appalled at some of the comments he shared. Though he claims to have seen almost 5,000 comments in the thread, at the moment I’m writing this, there are only a little over 3,500. Perhaps Fox removed some of the more disgusting ones.

Mr. Johnson says that the commenters “deliberately misspell their slurs or insert random spaces, so they aren’t caught by word filters,” and the “likes” to many of the comments only work to magnify the horror that there are actually fellow Americans who think like this. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Rather than copy and paste some of the pretty inane remarks noted by Johnson in his story, I went to the original thread on Facebook to find my own to share. Right from the get-go I found plenty of diatribes against both Houston herself and the coverage surrounding her death:

I am very upset that Fox News covered the death Whitney Huston! Not that there was plane crash 3 yrs ago yesterday! Flight 3407! I cared more about than her death! I knew people that knew people on that plane crash!

Enough with Whitney Houston already..................Yes, I loved her music.......I don't think she had a bad one......but enough is enough....she was only an entertainer, albeit an excellent one, ... not someone who will change this world and make it better.....she's getting more coverage than Jesus did at Christmas. ENOUGH

Another dead crackhead who wasted god-given talent. No loss, AMF

Guess we'll end up forever celebrating another deceased celebrity drug addict as if she were Mother Theresa.

Too much media coverage on this. Another self-important egomanic self-destructs. So what? I couldn't care less.

And so it went, on and on, but these weren’t even the most objectionable comments. Like I mentioned before, maybe Fox removed some of the nastier ones that Johnson shared, or maybe I just couldn’t find them. I only looked through about 300 of the 3500 out there. Here are some of the more disturbing ones Johnson shared in his piece:

A tragedy is when someones passes away from a terminal disease or something else that no one saw coming.Whitney is just an inferior lo w life ni gg er that needed to go,no tragedy,no loss.

SHe couldn’t even sell issues of “the national enquirer” anymore. Everyone was tired of the TNB. Niqqer flaps her lips and screeches, niqqer becomes rich. Niqqer ends up nearly broke after spending all of her money. Niqqer in constant fights and drug binges. Niqqer ODs when she learns she’s nearly broke and she is so wasted physically she can’t make another album. Niqqer hit the end of the road, niqqer thinking and niqqer behavior led her to where she had nothing. She couldn’t face life without the “bling bling”, she knew she would never have any more “kaching kaching”

I am now patiently waiting for the grand messiah Obama to have a blk fundraiser in honor of Whitley with Kevin Costner as guest of honor with all the Hollywood elites invited along with Alan Colmes, Al Sharpton, Jeremia Wright, Charles Rangel, etc. with a menu featuring blk eyed peas, grits, Imported Kobe steak, Dom Perignon, sweet potato pie and a mus lll im scarf as a momento of this great occasion.

Of course the door prize will be an all expense paid trip to Kenya to visit the Obama tribe and birthplace of his ancestors while the American people still look for this imposter’s birth certificate in Hawaii !!!

Whitney who?!? some /\/iggress music artist that had a couple of hits in the early 90’s. She’s since been forgotten and now she’s dead.. Who cares..

Pretty disgusting, huh? Now I used to be a political junkie and I know all about the supposedly “fair and balanced’ news coverage they put out there. Apparently they cater to a certain type of viewer that I simply can’t relate to. I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again until the day I die: DON’T BE A HATER!!!! The only thing I hate in life is a hater.

These people are simply that, haters, and they’re the same haters who hate gay people and liberals and the poor and just about everyone else that’s not like them. Yet they’re the first to say that they’re proud to be American, proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world, which ironically was built on the diversity that is our true makeup.

Not all of the comments on that Facebook page were negative, to be fair. There were plenty of people who expressed genuine sorrow over Whitney’s death, and there were others who stood up to the haters and called them out on their vitriol, only to have more hate and insults spewed back at them. It just proves that you can’t have any kind of civil debate with these types of people. All you can do is stay as far away from them as possible.

There was one comment I found towards the end of my search that I simply loved. To me, it was the perfect response to the many ignoramuses that showed their own true, ugly colors for all the world to see:

I used to struggle with depression, drugs and alcohol. Then I stopped watching Fox news and I'm better.

Image Source: triple pundit

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