Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29th, 2012 - Writing Wednesday

Today is February 29th, "Leap Day," and it's been two weeks since I last caught you up on the things I've been putting out. Since I stayed away from writing most of my vacation last week, there wasn't much to share, but by now there are a few things...

Look closely at the missing limbs on these crash test dummies


Earlier today I made my return to Gather with a piece on a new roller coaster. The coaster, "The Swarm," made news earlier this week when crash test dummies lost several limbs during a test run. The coaster will be debuting March 15th at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England, and even if I was close-by, I think that this is one I would not try. Check out the piece, England Park's New Coaster Pushes the Limits of Fear and Safety, and check out a video test run of the new post-apocalyptic war themed coaster:

Yahoo Voices

What Are You Listening To? Winter 2011/12

Check out the latest installment of the continuing series of current pop music.

John's World

Single Ain't So Bad: Happy Valentine's Day

This one's a Valentine's Day piece/journal of my Valentine's weekend. Once again I delve into the personal and decide once and for all that being alone is not so terrible.

Spice Girls' Mel C Quashes Rumors of 2012 Reunion

A follow-up to a previous story about a possible Spice Girls reunion comes with disappointing news.

Music News: VH1's Greatest Women; Madonna's 38th Top Ten; Whitney Love

Some tidbits of music news, and this one's all about the ladies...

Rihanna's "Birthday Cake"

Last week the buzz in music was all about RiRi's new remix for her song, "Birthday Cake," and at first I believed it might have been Christina Aguilera, but then the rumors started to twirl around that it would be none other than the Notorious B.R.O.W.N., which it turned out to be. Not a good move by either of them, as I talk about in Down and Dirrrty and in Poor Taste.

My Body is My Own Worst Enemy

Does anyone out there have sebaceous cysts? Well I do, and they are one stiff pain in the you know what!

A Cookie History - Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwich

Have you ever heard of this cookie? A dinner conversation the other night ended up turning into a curious quest for a long lost cookie! They were supposedly delicious when they were manufactured, but I guess ya had to like marshmallows...

iTunes 25 Billionth App Contest

iTunes is fast approaching their 25 billionth app download and they're celebrating it in a big way, by awarding the person who downloads that magic app a $10K gift card. Check out the piece to see how you can win.

Well that's all she...I mean he...I mean me...I wrote! As always, thank you so much for checking out this blog. It really means a lot to me!

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