Monday, February 6, 2012

Song of the day - Mi Ma Bo - Sara Tavares

After last night's spectacle and the ensuing rant at this ridiculous war of words between diva fans, I'd like to get back to something we all can agree on and that's music. No matter what type of music you like, it's one of the most important things in life to many of us. It serves as a bookmark for our memories and brings us comfort in times of sadness and joy! Music rocks!

This is a song I first heard quite a few years ago. Being an ESL teacher, I am always interested in other cultures and I used to watch a program on PBS called "World Music." They used to play songs from all over the world, and my ex Joe bore witness to some of the admittedly strange and sometimes catchy songs in other languages I used to listen to. He'd probably laugh at the mention of Puffy Ami Yumi from Japan or the couple of other songs I took a liking to in Czechoslovakian and Greek.

This one, though, is pure joy! It's sung by Sara Tavares of the Cape Verde Islands, and to me the melody in the music and the words are so good that they transcend the language barrier. The sound of her voice and the strumming in the background are so peaceful and relaxing, listening to it takes me away to someplace foreign, someplace exotic, someplace happy.

I had tried to find it way back then, but I couldn't, and every once in awhile I attempt a search for "Mi Ma Bo." Yesterday I hit pay dirt and so I share it here with you. Maybe you can find the same joy in the song as I have. Press play and give it a try!

Mi Ma Bo - Sara Tavares

Image Source: kalamu

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