Friday, February 17, 2012

Song of the Day - I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross

We begin the weekend with an oldie, but goodie from a legendary diva who's near and dear to my heart. Diana Ross recorded "I'm Coming Out" for her 1980 album "diana," and little did she know at the time just how far in scope the song would reach. Not only was the song a crossover success in the summer of 1980, but it has remained a staple in oldies rotations throughout radio for its easily recognizable melody, coupled of course with the very catchy, very singable chorus.

The song has been famously sampled by Notorious B.I.G. for his hit "Mo Money, Mo Problems," and a host of others have performed it, as well, over the years. In addition to its' success on mainstream radio, "I'm Coming Out" also became an anthem for gays everywhere for its' obvious relativity to the term "coming out of the closet."

There is cause for celebration today within the gay community, as the state of New Jersey today came one step closer to legalizing same sex marriage. Yesterday the State Assembly approved the bill, following the Senate's passage on Monday. Should Governor Christie sign on, the state will become the 8th to legalize gay marriage, following the recent passage of a similar measure in Washington State. It is expected, though, that the governor will veto the bill, unfortunately prolonging the fight.

Nevertheless, gay marriage is slowly working its' way into the norm, and that is cause to celebrate. So to the gay people of New Jersey, I wish you luck. As for the rest of you, have a great weekend and enjoy Ms. Diana Ross:

I want the world to know
Got to let it show

I'm Coming Out - Number 1's: Diana Ross & The Supremes

Source: NY Daily News

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