Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Song of the Day" 1st Anniversary - Dancing On My Own - Robyn

Just a short while ago while looking back through the posts on this blog, I discovered that it was one year ago today since I began John's World "Song of the Day" with Robyn's "Hang With Me." It was one year ago today that I saw Robyn at Radio City Music Hall, and I remember that listening to her all morning was what led me to go to the concert in the first place.

I was in a very different place back then and I'm happy to have gotten through that miserable time in my life. Since that day, I've done 365 (and then some!) "Song of the Day" posts without missing a beat. These daily appreciations of great music past and present have been the crux of this blog and I hope you've enjoyed them.

I figured I'd mark the occasion with another Robyn song, this time with the one that started it all for me as a fan, "Dancing On My Own." As always, thank you for checking me out from time to time and here's to another year of great "Songs of the Day."

Dancing On My Own - Body Talk, Pt. 1

Image Source: veryartistical

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