Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8th - Writing Wednesday - Madonna, Gloria, Madonna, RiRi & Christina, Madonna

Today is Wednesday, Hump Day, and now we’re on the down swing towards the weekend, thankfully. It’s been a long week already and I’m so ready for the weekend to come again, if for just to dance and sleep late. Work has been crazy every day and I’ve already got my sights set on winter break, which is only one more week away.

John’s World


Most of the writing I’ve done this week has been right here on John’s World. The big story I’ve been covering has been the triumphant return of my very own special diva, Madonna. A week’s worth of posting Madonna Songs of the Day was capped off, of course, by the release of her newest song, “Gimme All Your Luvin,” on Friday.

Upon watching the video for the first time, I immediately went into commentary mode, penning and posting Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin': Commentary, Video, Lyrics and more, my take on the video, the song, and everything else to do with it.

Next, of course came the big show, the much anticipated and long awaited Super Bowl Halftime Show, which I just now watched over again for like the 4th or 5th time. When it first aired live on Sunday night, I really was in awe because it was even better than I expected it to be, but afterwards I was genuinely surprised at all the criticism heaped on both her and the performance. I had to say something about both the show and the reaction in Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance: Wow! Now let’s stop hatin’ and move on…

There was another big story which I failed to cover (time constraints, grrrr!!!) yesterday and that was the announcement of Madonna's newest tour. The MDNA Tour begins May 29th in Tel Aviv, Israel and makes its stop in New York on September 6th at Yankee Stadium, and guess who got his ticket already? Big smile!

Other Stuff

It Gets Better Project video for Lady Gaga’s “Hair”

When I saw this cute video done in Glee-style for the It Gets Better Project, I just had to share it, as well as a little bit about the very worthy cause it stands for.

The Return of Ferris Bueller

One of the best things about any Super Bowl, of course, is the commercials. There was one awesome commercial for Honda that recreated some of the magic of that great 80’s film.

A Christina-Rihanna Collab in the Works?

Word that Christina Aguilera may be joining Rihanna for a reworked version of her “Birthday Cake” just made me all oogey inside.

Extra Special Songs

Over the weekend I posted two very special Songs of the Day. Though I wouldn’t normally refer to these types of posts here, both tunes are definitely worth a listen if you’re reading down this far. The first is from a newcomer from the UK named Emeli Sande’ and the song is called “Next to Me,” from her forthcoming debut album, “Our Version of Events.” The next one is by Brit boy band The Wanted, and it has become my new favorite song, so much so that I keep listening to it over and over again. Please check out “Glad You Came.”


I penned only one piece for Examiner this week and it’s for a very special event going on at Splash this Friday. Check out Gloria Estefan at Splash this Friday.

Yahoo Voices

How Will Madonna’s “Gimme All Your Luvin” Stack Up Against Her Previous lead Singles

With all of the excitement surrounding Madonna’s new song, I wanted to do a retrospective on all of Madge’s lead singles from her previous 11 studio albums. Good stuff!

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