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February 15th, 2012 - Writing Wednesday

It's hard to believe it, but Writing Wednesday is here already and all I've got this week is stuff from John's World. Here's a recap of some of this week's top stories:

Whitney Houston

Several big things have happened this week, most notably the tragic death of singer Whitney Houston. The story broke out early Saturday night and my first reaction was to do an impromptu tribute featuring one of my favorite Whitney songs...

If tomorrow is judgement day
And I'm standin' on the front line
And the Lord ask me what I did with my life
I will say I spent it with you

R.I.P. Whitney Houston "My Love Is Your Love"

Of course, I couldn't let the death of such an important person in my music world go with just a single song and a note. Like many others, Whitney Houston will forever be a part of the soundtrack of my life and I just had to pay some sort of tribute to the gifted songstress who touched many with her words and her voice. Check out Memories and Songs of Whitney Houston.

Along with all of the tributes and news coverage of Whitney's death came an ugly story that I first read on Monday and had to share. It's really hard to believe, and sad too, that such disgusting racism still exists among us. A Fox News' report of the death of Whitney Houston elicited upwards of 4,000 comments on their Facebook page, and many of the comments are appalling, to say the least. I'm ashamed to call some of these people Americans. Check out the story below:

Fox Viewers Show Their True Colors with Ugly Diatribes Against Whitney Houston

The Grammy's

The other big story this week, of course, was the 54th Annual Grammy Awards show that aired on Sunday night. The show had its' moments, with superb performances by Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, David Guetta, and a heartfelt rendition of "I Will Always Love You" by Jennifer Hudson. Nicki Minaj raised quite a few eyebrows with her, um, strange performance, too, but the big story of the night was Miss Adele.

MJB Pulling for Adele at 54th Annual Grammy Awards

On the day of the show, I read a piece online that one of my favorite singers, Mary J Blige, was a big fan of Adele and that she was hoping for a six-Grammy sweep by the British phenom, which is of course what happened. Adele was simply adorable at the Grammy's, beautiful, gracious, and super endearing all at once. Her down-to-earth persona is a big part of what makes this very talented so special, and Mary wasn't the only one, I'm sure, who was happy for her big sweep.

In the show's after-buzz, the singer's people announced that she had decided on the newest single from the Album of the Year, "21," a more upbeat "Rumor Has It." Read on...

"Rumour Has It" to be Adele's next single

A Rant for the Week

There was a story buzzing the other day about Madonna's Super Bowl performance that got my juices flowing. During the performance of "Gimme All Your Luvin," rapper M.I.A. flipped the bird, which was caught on camera. Yahoo ran a story days after speculating whether or not the NFL would take action against the British born star. To me, the story was just another example of irresponsible sensationalism that only works to fuel outrage at the incident, which beforehand had been relatively obscure.

The story reminded me of another Super Bowl performance incident that actually worked to dismantle the highly successful career of one Janet Jackson, and I just had to say something about it:

Fingers and Birds, Nipples and Careers: WTF?

I haven't seen any other news stories on the web since this one appeared, which I hope is a sign of the story fading. Should I see or hear anything further on it, you will surely hear about it here...

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What Happened to Macaulay Culkin?

British online magazine The Sun ran a story on "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin, who was photographed in NYC late last week looking simply awful. In response to the story, Mac said that he was doing just fine, but judging from the picture, he doesn't look well!

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