Monday, February 6, 2012

Will Christina soon be licking the icing off Rihanna's 'Birthday Cake?'

Today's NY Post reported this afternoon that Rihanna hinted via a tweet yesterday that she may soon be collaborating with none other than Christina Aguilera, most likely for a remix version of her song, "Birthday Cake."

"Would yall be mad if Birthday #CAKE became a single?", she tweeted first, and then followed with this hint:

"Now here's the trick question! #IF I put collaborator on it, who would u wanna see lick the icing off????? #CAKE...I need somebody #DIRRRTY on my Birthday #CAKE ;) lol."

Of course, Ms. RiRi seems to be referring to Christina's well-known song from her critically acclaimed and equally popular "Stripped" album, and after adding Britney Spears to the remix version of last year's smash, "S&M," this one seems like a natural follow-up for the sizzling pop star, who's been riding high on the charts for the past several months with "We Found Love," "You Da One," and now "Talk That Talk." After all, Spears, Aguilera and Rihanna have shared similar status as three of the hottest divas of the past decade and this news will surely create a buzz.

Christina would be a nice fit for "Birthday Cake," one of the most 'dirrrty' and seductive songs on Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" album. The song would most definitely be made longer, as the album version is a mere interlude at 1:21 minutes long. Perhaps a new verse for X-Tina???

Ooh, I can just hear it now...stay tuned!

Birthday Cake - Talk That Talk

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Christina and Rihanna performing together on the season finale of the UK's "X-Factor."


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NY Post: Is Rihanna hinting at Christina Aguilera collaboration?

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