Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012 - Super Bowl Sunday; A Weekend of Birthdays; The Big Show

Why do they stop the game when there's too many men's on the field? To me that's party time!

Ah, yes, today is Sunday, February 5th, Superbowl Sunday, and so many other things... Aside from the big game, and the big halftime show, today is also the birthday of my old pal, Vera, and my two kitties, Dylan and Diego. I won't tell you Vera's age (she'd probably kill me!), but my two feline buddies are four years old today. Yesterday was my brother Dave's birthday, as well, something that I did not have a chance to mention before now.

Before I go into my birthday tributes, here's a little clip about the Super Bowl. It's from the old television comedy series "In Living Color," and it first aired during the halftime show on January 26th, 1992. I remember watching it at a Super Bowl party with Vera and her family on their new big screen TV, and this of course was my favorite skit:

Now say hike, then take the lil blue ball and start runnin...

There, now that I'm finished with that, I can get on with the rest of my post...

Happy Birthday Vera!

My pal Vera and I go back a long ways. She and I first met at Stern's department store where we both worked. I first got to know Vera really well through the softball games we all used to play together after work on Sundays in the summertime. At the time I didn't have a license, just a learner's permit, and I remember one night she and her sister MaryAnn let me drive their car (I believe it was an old Chevy Nova---cool!) home. That was the night when we really first became friends.

For the past 20-some odd years or so, Vera and I have been through a lot together: Friday nights dancing the night away at Spectrum, trips to Aruba and Virginia, lunches at the Good Steer (where she once ordered cottage cheese and French fries...she was on a diet, lol!), Madonna and Prince concerts, fun-filled evenings at home, dancing around the house and laughing all the way, and so many more.

Today, Vera's got a family and I'm still a single dude in my twenties (mentally, anyway), so we don't see each other as often as we used to, but she is still my dear old friend and I wish her a very happy birthday!

Dylan and Diego

Four years ago today, my little cuties were born. When I got them, I'd been looking for two cats to have as pets instead of one. Someone once told me that two are no more work than one and since I remember my first cat, Spike, always seeming so lonely, I knew that two would be a good idea. I found them online and instantly fell in love. They're brothers, but you'd never know it from looking at them.

Dylan is a tuxedo, just like Spike, only he's a poly-dactyl. That means he's got one extra digit on his two front paws. These cats are a whole breed named after Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer who cared for many of them. Diego is a big, fluffy thing and honestly one of the most beautiful animals I've ever seen, with virtually every color found in a cat speckled in his mane.

Dylan and Diego are just like real brothers. They fight like brothers and they take care of each other like's so cute! I only wish I could share some of their cuter moments together somehow. Maybe one of these days I'll catch them on video.

Dave's Birthday, Saturday Night with the Family

Yesterday was my brother David's birthday and I was invited over for cake. Dave is 14 months younger than me and he and I have had a typical brother-brother relationship over the years, with plenty of ups and downs, and mostly now it's all ups, thankfully. He and I are the two eldest in our family of six, and so we've been together the longest. Happy belated bro!

I had planned on going out into the city after cake, and so I had a deadline for myself to leave Dave and Kim's (my sister in-law) house in order to get ready, but things didn't go as planned. Right when my mom and I were about to leave, we all got into a long discussion about family matters and before you knew it, it was too late to make my way into the city. Ah well, family is important and besides, I saved a little money and there's always next week!

The Big Show

Finally, tonight is the big show I've been anticipating for weeks. Yes, I'm talking about the Super Bowl. Well, not really the game, although the Giants being in it definitely makes it more exciting. Of course tonight's Super Bowl promises to be the most watched one ever by gay people, as our own Queen of Pop, Madonna, takes to the stage during halftime.

I've seen Madonna in concert several times in my life and I can promise you she always puts on an awesome show. Of course, this one is a tough one, as the crowd is so large and boisterous that even the Black Eyed Peas last year didn't sound so great. Nevertheless, with Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., LMFAO and who knows who else on stage, I'm sure it will be a spectacle to behold.

Here's another look at Madge's newest video for "Gimme All Your Luvin." I know, I know, I am a real dork sometimes when it comes to Madonna, but I've been listening and watching the video a lot these past couple of days and I'm liking it more every's so campy and 80's!

Well, time to get off this pc and get going. Here's Madonna, and by the way, Go Giants!

Give Me All Your Luvin' (feat. Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.) - Single - Madonna

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