Friday, February 10, 2012

Song of the Day - Praise You - Fatboy Slim

We've come a long long way together,
Through the hard times and the good,
I have to celebrate you baby,
I have to praise you like I should

Oh man, I had forgotten how good this song, and the video, were! Back in 1999, Fatboy Slim was hot with his second record, "You've Come a Long Way Baby," which featured this great, great song and another funky one, "Rockefeller Skank." FS is a musician who puts different samples together to create a very infectious overall sound.

This one is just such a good song! It features a vocal sample from a tune called "Take Yo' Praise," by Camille Yarbrough, that sounds to me like a vintage Paul Simon...I dunno why, but that's what I picture anyway. The video was shot at a movie theater in California and Slim didn't get permission for use of the site, so the reaction of the passersby to the dancing going on by these ordinary-looking is pretty amusing, not to mention the dancing itself.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Praise You - You've Come a Long Way Baby




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