Monday, July 29, 2013

A Song for Dan - Rest in Peace

It is with a profoundly heavy heart that I write this post this morning. Last night I received some news that is very upsetting.  Another member of my writing family has passed suddenly and tragically too young.  Dan Reveal was one of the kindest and gentlest souls I ever met, and even though I've never met him face to face, I considered him a friend and I am absolutely saddened by his loss.

Dan is the third such person from my writing circle to have passed since I began writing six years ago, and like with any other family, his loss creates a void in my life.  Almost a full four years ago, another good writer friend of mine, Betty Malone passed suddenly and that was the first time I felt such a loss at the passing of someone I only knew through cyberspace.  Then came Dena Bolton two years ago and now Dan.  Sigh!  They were all good people and all way too young to leave us.

Dan Reveal was above all, to me and many of my fellow writers, a poet.  He had a special gift with words, and his poems reflected the thoughtful, loving and kind person that he truly was.  He and I first came under one another's radar through the comment section of our pieces on the old Associated Content, and we soon started corresponding privately there until becoming friends on Facebook, where we interacted every now and again.

Hello John...gotta tell you.. I had a dream about you last night..  I was driving in my car and you were sitting in a lawn chair drinking a Pina!! I wanted to talk to you, but I woke up too soon...hahaha! Just wanted to tell you!! Have a nice day!

Hey Amigo!!
How are you? Long time no hear.. Just want to extend best wishes to you always!! Remember, you're a special friend to us all!! I very much respect the work you do as a teacher--also, for sharing your feelings as a human being! We all benefit!!
Take care,

Greetings, my friend!!! How are you? Just a note of appreciation. I'm happy I know you! Thanks always for your nice comments on those poems/music.
I realize that you're a super human being! Thanks for being you and please never change!!!
Your friend,

These are just snippets of some of the messages I've received from Dan over the years.  I think that by reading them, you can see what kind of person he was.  In addition to his gift for writing and his treasured friendship, I only recently got to witness Dan's greatest talent, that for music.  I always knew he had that gift, as well, but in the past few months, he started posting some of his songs, and I was literally floored by his voice, and once again, his words.

As word began to spread over his death, it became clearly evident that I was not the only one in cyberspace who's lives he touched.  Many of us share in the same heartbreak at his loss, and his Facebook page continues to fill up with thoughts and prayers for this special person.  It is still amazing to me how in many ways the invention of the Internet has great benefits, especially when it allows you to know people you might not otherwise have gotten to know.  I consider myself lucky to have known Dan Reveal the way that I did.

I am lucky too, to have met many wonderful people through writing and Facebook, wonderful, kind people like Dan, people like Bridgitte, Anna, Lady Samantha, Sherri, Janet, Donald, Nancy, Charlotte, Lyn, Jenny, Crystal, Rachel, Shelly, Theresa, Jolie, Bethany and many, many more. Like Dan, I treasure each and every one of you and I'm glad to know you all.  You are a part of my family!

It's funny, but I had often thought that maybe Dan and I would get to meet each other face to face one day, only now it won't be in his native Indiana.  So this is for you my friend!  I know that you loved Elton John and I find it appropriate that this song is named for you.  Daniel you're a star! Rest in peace my friend!

Please check out Dan's Yahoo Contributor Page and see some of what made him so special.


  1. Awesome tribute to a beautiful soul! RIP Dan! <3

  2. Thanks Carmen! And yes, Dan beautiful soul!

  3. Daniel was a great guy. Very sensitive, kind, loving and caring. I miss him too. I too have lost other cyperspace friends. It is really sad. Sincerely shana