Monday, July 1, 2013

Song of the Day and P!nk's Newest Single - True Love

Photo: The fabulous new video for P!nk's 'True Love' premiered on Sunday Night this evening - check it out:
Facebook - P!nk Australia

Ah, I am so happy this morning because I finally got confirmation from P!nk's Page that the newest single off of The Truth About Love is mah song!!!!  I've been seeing it on a Facebook fan page I subscribe to, but I didn't want to confirm it until I saw it on her official page.  You know I couldn't pass up on another chance to post this video.  I really do love this song and I hope it does really well, though I'm curious as to how it will be edited for radio.

Me lip-syncing to P!nk's "True Love" from John Myers on Vimeo.

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