Friday, July 26, 2013

Frat House in P-Town Right Around the Corner

I haven't spoken about this on here before, but in just a couple of weeks I am going on a big trip.  I say "big trip" not because I'm going very far or because I'm spending so much time away from home, but it'll be a trip unlike anyone I've ever taken before.  You see, I'll be spending an entire week in Provincetown, Massachusetts in a house I'll be renting with six other guys.

It all starts with bowling, my new-found gay social life. The guys at bowling had been planning this from when I practically just joined the league and I was asked in on the trip probably somewhere in October.  "Sure, I've never been to P-Town," I said to my buddy Tim.  "Oh, that's gonna be fun!"

Oh my, how time flies!  Two weeks from tomorrow I'll be hitting the road again, only this time I'll be headed northward towards seven days of drinking and partying and drinking some more...and all in one of the biggest gay worlds around.  I almost feel like I'm going to be on the Gay Real World, Provincetown!

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The true story of seven strangers picked together to live in a house...

Well, we are kind of strangers.  I mean, well they've all known each other longer than I've known them, and they're all really nice guys, but it should be very interesting to see how it goes because we're all going to know each other a lot better after this week.  I've socialized with these guys here and there, but I really have no idea what to expect, but I am sure it will be fun.

I bring this all up now because last night we had our very first house meeting, to discuss some of the logistics of going up there.  You know, food, booze, coolers, and whatnot.  It was during the meeting that it hit me just how close it is.  After having it be so far on the horizon for so long, I never really thought about what it's going to be like.

"You better be blogging about it....I want blow by blows of all the action," my pal Dit tells me.

Apparently one of the things I wasn't aware of until our meeting was that each house (there are other people going, too, staying in other residences) has to host everyone one of the nights during the week.  That's cool, but the house party must have a theme.  Since we're the largest group of people in a place, we've been nicknamed the "Frat House," and so we were kicking around a party to go with that theme (hint, hint).

So be on the lookout for my Song of the Day'll be dedicated to the boys of our Frat, lol.  In the meantime, I am heading to Splash in the city tonight.  They announced the other day that after 22 years of being one of the world's most famous gay clubs, they will be closing forever. So sad!  The end of an era!  You can check out my article on that here if you like.

Until tomorrow....