Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Check Out This Wild New Roller Coaster: Sky Scream

Roller coaster season is upon us and I simply can't wait to start riding (very soon!).  My pal Rich is as excited as I am and between the two of us, we've been riding a lot of coasters lately via P.O.V.  (point of view) videos on YouTube.

Here's one that he found and shared with me today, a thriller that just opened on April 12th in Holiday Park in Hassloch, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany.  It's called Sky Scream and it's a mix of several types of coasters that have been popping up around the world.  It's got the back and forth, twisting up and down of rides such as Wicked Twister in Cedar Point and Possessed in Dorney Park, combined with a complete circuit with a corkscrew loop somewhere in the vicinity of 150 feet above the ground.  Ooh, I'd love to ride this one! Check it out...


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