Monday, October 20, 2014

Song of the Day - Bucket List - Nelly Furtado

Climb a mountain swim the seven seas 
Get your body to look like Hercules 
Jump out an airplane with a parachute 
Fly up and away on a hot air balloon

In this lifetime
I want you to be mine
Cuz I took a long look at my bucket list
And I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss and
Whoa I'm running out of time
Whoa I'm running out of time

This past Friday, I began a Music Fridays weekly lesson with my advanced group of students and one of the first songs I chose to work with them on was Nelly Furtado's Bucket List, which until this moment I had no idea was ever a single.  The tune is one of my favorites off of her Spirit Indestructible album, which didn't really do so well, unfortunately.  

Get on your boots and visit the North Pole
Try every sport until you score a goal
Follow the path of a butterfly
Go to Ground Zero and do nothing but cry
We don't know how much time left we got left in this world
This beautiful world

Anywho, this song is about just what you think it is, a bucket list. I've always loved the idea of having a bucket list...I really already have one in my head...and so I'm going to be bringing Friday's lesson into today.  So if you don't know the song, and/or you're looking for a song to pick you up a little and bring you into some daydreaming, then by all means click play below.

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