Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Song of the Day - Last Christmas - Wham!

I've been thinking a lot about good, original Christmas songs that are more from the modern era than the classic ones we've all been hearing for years ands years, and this one definitely counts as one of them. Though I've never been a really big fan of George Michael or Wham, I gotta admit that this one usually gets me singing along whenever I hear it on the radio or in a store.

Also, the song's been sticking in my head ever since I heard it the other day, because it was last Christmas that the very same thing happened to me. What a difference a year makes!

On a side note, watching this very 80's video kind of makes me wonder why no one knew George Michael was gay back then. I think the video speaks volumes, lol.

Last Christmas - Music from the Edge of Heaven

Image Source: jeffisageek

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