Thursday, December 29, 2011

Song of the Day - Sure Know Something - Kiss and Symphony

Today's "Song of the Day" is somewhat of a departure for this blog. You see, I've told you that I like all kinds of music and one of my very first music obsessions, before Diana Ross and Madonna, was with the rock band KISS. A childhood friend by the name of Guy first turned me on to them when I was about 14 years old and probably for the next five years I ate, slept and drank all things KISS. They were even my very first took me (cool mom, huh?) and even these days I occassionally catch them when they come to town.

Through those early years in the late seventies, my brother and sisters felt the KISS vibe and joined in on the mania. Though I've gone way beyond those early KISS days, my siblings, especially my oldest sister Linda, is still a big KISS fan, and thus the reason for this "Song of the Day." You see, today is Linda's birthday and I always try to do something special for a loved one's birthday, and so here we are, and I also wanted to use the occassion to get in another installment of "Giving Thanks," thanks for my sister Linda.

My sister Linda is someone I admire and am proud to call a sister. Next to me, she's definitely one of the most intellectual of the bunch, and she's been pretty successful in her career because of it. Though she has her bad days, as we all do, when she's "on" she can be so sweet, loving, and kind, and I love her very much and am thankful to have her for a sister.

I've had plenty of memories with Linda over the years. I remember when my brother Dave, her and I shared a small bedroom in the Bronx when we were little. Dave and I slept in beds and Linda in her crib, the headboard facing the beds so she couldn't see us. I remember giggling often because once she learned to get herself up, she'd stand in her crib and peer over the headboard to talk to us and make us laugh.

Another time when she was learning to drive, I took her out in my Mustang for a quick practice run before dinner that turned into a disaster. I remember she had to make a right hand turn before hitting a main road and I think she thought that since there was no Stop signn at the corner, she didn't have to hit the brakes to make the turn. Well you can imagine the angle at which the car turned without slowing down...we plowed right into a parked car...with the sticker still on it! Of course it wasn't funny back then, but these are the things you can remember and look fondly upon in the years that follow.

I chose this particular song for a couple of reasons. Paul Stanley is by far Linda's favorite KISS member and I wanted to post a song that he sings, and this one, "Sure Know Something," is one of my favorite KISS songs. To me it's one of those songs that isn't just rock and roll's a power ballad with meaning. This clip is from KISS' recent tour of Australia, complete with a backing orchestra and it's the best one I found of the tune.

So, Happy Birthday Linda! I hope you have a great day and that you enjoy this little gift. Stay tuned later for another special "Song of the Day," as I've got another couple of birthdays to mention today!

Sure Know Something - Greatest Kiss

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Image Source: Kiss Mania

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