Friday, December 30, 2011

Song of the Day - Song For a Future Generation - B-52's

(LOVE the hair!)

Wanna be the ruler of the galaxy
Wanna be the king of the universe
Let's meet and have a baby now!
Wanna be the empress of fashion
Wanna be the president of Moscow
Let's meet and have a baby now!

Since New Year's is just about here, I thought I'd post this song for a future generation, lol. All kidding aside, I love the old B-52's and this was one of their first videos I ever saw. The lyrics, the video, the's all different...and fun! In this one each of the members introduce themselves along with a little sumthing sumthing about them, and I just love Cindy's line:

Hello, I'm Cindy. I'm a Pisces.
I like chihuahuas and Chinese noodles.

Classic! Well enjoy everybody and Happy Friday!

Song for a Future Generation - Whammy!

Image Source: trashfan

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