Saturday, December 10, 2011

Song of the Day - In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

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Today's "Song of the Day" is a classic from the early 80's by former Genesis drummer/singer Phil Collins. It's one of those songs that transcended the rock/pop genre and had a very wide appeal. Of course, the song can be considered a rock song, but I had an experience that gave me a whole new impression of the song.

Back in 1986 or so, a former boyfriend and I went to visit his old college somewhere in Wesstchester, NY. Many of his friends were women (surprise, surprise!) and he and I spent the night in the women's dorm, the vast majority of which were African American. At one point during the evening, we were in one of the rooms with several of these girls and this song came on.

Well, these chicks knew every word and every beat to this one. They were getting so into it that at that time of my young life I was pleasantly taken aback, almost astonished that they even knew it. I mean, R&B music has always appealed to everybody, but I had never known many African Americans who liked any sort of rock music.

Throughout the song, these girls were mesmerized by the drums in the song and were moving hypnotically to the beat, and when it got to that goose bump-inducing drum crescendo they all slammed those air drumsticks wildly in unison. I dunno, but after that I myself found a new appreciation for the greatness of the song and I've loved it ever since.

In the Air Tonight - ...Hits

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