Monday, May 21, 2012

Song of the Day - Carry On - Donna Summer

Happy Monday! We continue our Donna Summer tribute with one of her more recent hits, a song which united Summer with Giorgio Moroder, her long-time partner in crime during her disco years. The song was originally recorded in 1992 for a Moroder album, and was included on Donna's Anthology set the following year. It took awhile for the song to catch on, but catch on it did, as it became a #1 dance song almost five years later, in 1997.

Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder

"Carry On" is a pleasant, easy-going dance song that's a little bit melancholy. It's very melodic and very contemporary, even today, and the tune earned Donna her fifth Grammy Award for Best Dance Record of 1997. Take a look at a (German, I believe) television show in which the two reunited to perform the song on stage. The video quality isn't that great, but luckily the sound is perfect and Donna looks oh so good.  Enjoy!


Carry On - Donna Summer: Gold

Image Source: death and taxes mag

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