Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Song of the Day - Give Me A Call - Pauline

I owe today and a few future Songs of the Day to my Facebook bud, Jeremy. I first met Jeremy last summer at a barbecue at my then new buddy Ozzie's house.  The fiesta wasn't exactly what had been planned, as it ended up being only three of us, but in the end it was a good time anyway.  What I remembered most about Jeremy was that he had great taste in music and that night he turned me on to a lot of great, new stuff.

Jeremy and I recently had a couple of exchanges on Facebook and I asked him for some suggestions on music, and this was one of the ones he turned me on to.  Jeremy kinda raved about Pauline and from what he had said, hers was one of the first suggestions I downloaded.  The song reminds me of Amy Winehouse style.  No, not that the voices are similar, but this track has kind of an old school R&B feel to it, and I love the way it sounds.  I'm definitely looking forward to checking more out of Miss Pauline!


Give Me A Call - Never Said I Was An Angel

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