Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writing Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Today is Wednesday, May 30th and it's hard to believe that June is right on our doorstep already, but it is.  Ah, time flies...  Here's this week's Writing Wednesday:

Portland, TN

Strawberry Festivals

Summer is time for outdoor fests and the season always starts in June with great Strawberry Festivals celebrating the harvest of the delectable fruit.  Check out all of the strawberry festivals happening around Long Island next month:

Strawberry Festivals around Long Island

Gay Pride

June is gay pride month and I've been posting several pieces on Examiner covering all the pride events happening in and around the NYC Metropolitan area.  Check em out:


Long Island

Outer Boroughs and New Jersey

Sponsor a Youth for a Gay Prom

Every year, LIGALY (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth) holds a prom for gay youth as an alternative to the 'straight-up' kind.  This event gives these kids a chance to be themselves and the organization is seeking donations to help defray the cost of the event for these kids.  Check it out and donate right here.

More Donna Summer

Here's a new piece I wrote for Yahoo Voices, featuring some great Donna Summer songs you probably don't even know.  Check it out right here, and check out Donna's "Supernatural Love":

Supernatural Love - Donna Summer: Gold

John's World

This is cool!  Just cool!

The latest from my so-called life.


What's a week on John's World without a little music news and videos?  Take a look at these:

There's also been some great new music featured on John's World this week.  Check these out:

Pauline - Give Me a Call (well, this one's new to me, but it's oh so good!)

Well I think that's enough reading for today, lol.  Enjoy!

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