Sunday, May 20, 2012

Song of the Day - Could It Be Magic - Donna Summer

Spirits move me 
Every time I'm near you 
Whirling like a cyclone in my mind 
Oh sweet Peter, angel of my lifetime 
Answer to all answers I can find

Just a year after Barry Manilow wrote and recorded the tender ballad "Could It Be Magic" for his eponymous debut album in 1973, Donna Summer took it and ran with it, turning the tune into a dance classic that would hit the #3 spot on the Dance Charts in 1976.

Baby take me
High up on a hillside
High up where the stallion meets the sun
I could love you, build my world around you
Never leave you till my life is done

Donna Summer's dance version of "Could It Be Magic" is an infectious disco ballad that worked perfectly.  Since I hadn't discovered Donna until years after this first came out, I had only known Barry's version until I bought the her "Greatest Hits Anthology" almost 20 years after it was first recorded, in 1993.  The song became a staple on my stereo, getting played out by both myself and my former partner Joe, who loved it as well.  

Baby I love you, come, come
Come into my arms
Let me know the wonder of all of you
And baby I want you now, now
Now and hold on fast
Could this be the magic, at last?

If you know only Barry Manilow's version of "Could It Be Magic," then you should definitely check this one out.  You're gonna love it!  As an added bonus I've included a rare performance video of the two of them singing the song together at one of Barry's shows in Vegas in 2003. I had never seen it before, and I loved it....check that out after the audio file below... 

Could It Be Magic (Single Version) - Donna Summer: Gold

Image Source: Idolator

Lyrics courtesy of AZ Lyrics

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