Saturday, September 22, 2012

P!nk's "The Truth About Love": An Introduction

This week was a huge week for new music releases and for me (and many others!), Ms. P!nk's latest was the main event.  The Truth About Love is the singers 6th studio album, following her highly successful 2008 album Funhouse.  I had been a big fan of P!nk before, but it was that album that put her into the stratosphere as far as I was concerned.

Funhouse was a concept album of sorts, with many of the songs relating to the singer's breakup with longtime lover/husband Cary Hart.  The album was full of raw emotion, masterfully written and powerful lyrics, and of course, great music!  P!nk can rock, she can make you cry, and she can make you dance your ass off, a pretty impressive feat for any singer.  Since the release of Funhouse, she and Hart have  reconciled and had a daughter, Willow Sage, in June of 2011.

When I first heard that P!nk was finally working on a new set, I wondered to myself how on Earth she could come up with a record full of songs as good as the last one.  After all, a little bit of angst and plenty of heartache filled the aura of her past stuff, and now that she's seemingly in a blissful place, what could she have to say that might work as well?

Of course, there was no need to worry as Ms. P!nk is a professional and a master of her trade.  Whereas other contemporary female singers all seem to fit a formulaic profile, she is in a class all by herself.  Entertainment Weekly recently dubbed her "the best lyricist in pop music," and I wholeheartedly agree.  The Truth About Love is another collection of stellar stuff by P!nk, and it may end up to be even better than Funhouse.

The new album is chock full of rocking anthems, touching and heartfelt ballads, and a whole lot of fun!  Stay tuned to this page as I go track by track with this latest masterpiece by one of the masters of the trade: P!nk's The Truth About Love.


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