Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm a published poet!

I tell ya, things never happen when you expect them to.  Back in June, I mentioned that an educational book publisher in Ireland wanted to publish a poem I had written a few years back.  They wanted to include it in a series of poems geared towards 11 and 12 year old students.  Needless to say I was more than a little  excited.

At the time I had never had to deal with something such as this and I had to figure out all the right things to say and do with this woman, Cora, who had contacted me.  I certainly did not want to blow it!  Copyrights had to be figured out and of course, my fee for its use, and after a little wrangling, all the i's were finally dotted and the t's crossed and she told me the book would be out  around August.

Cut to yesterday...

Yesterday was one of the worst days in recent memory.  My job so far this year has been unbelievably stressful, so much so that it's been consuming great chunks of my personal time at home, and I am finding myself with not even a few moments to myself during the school day either, but that's a whole other story... I arrived home from the terrible workday more than a little despondent.  I was tired, irritable and a little down.  That is, until I opened my mailbox.

Among the bills and advertisements in the box was a package that looked like a book.  There was no return label on it and I was curious as to what was inside.  Since this whole poem thing happened so long ago, I'd forgotten about it, and even as I was opening the package I was completely oblivious, but then, there it was!

Racing Ahead is actually a teacher's guide, a companion for a teacher to use with a series of lessons.  It's full of what we call extension activities, or lessons that a teacher can use to enhance a unit for more in depth learning on  topic.  I excitedly flipped through the pages and finally came to my piece, Push and Pull, on page 55.  There were my words embedded within the text of a book, with an illustration and a whole bunch of questions for students that center around the vocabulary and themes within the piece.  What a cool thing!

So yeah, sometimes things come along when you least expect them to, right?  Had I been watching for that book to come I'd have been waiting forever, but it came when I wasn't looking, and on just the right day for me!  I think I may have to go and celebrate this one!  I mean, I've been published before, but time is different!  Anyway, as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Awe, what a great ending to a bad day. Good for you. It looks awesome, off to check out your link now!

  2. That's great John! Congrats on the publication! When things like this happen to you, it makes all the bad days worth it, doesn't it?

  3. Yes it does Randy! Thanks for the comment!