Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All we need is a warm, sunshiny day

UGH!  Another winter storm is coming!  I tell ya, I am totally sick of this crap, and I'm sure everyone around me is, too.  To now this has been one of the brutalist of winters, with no less than four or five significant snowstorms, as well as some pretty freaking cold weather, too!  And it is going to snow again...UGH!!!

Just a couple of years ago, I would be saying right now that I am in a Ziggy period, one of those times where just about everything seems to be going wrong.  I've been in a bad state of mind,for weeks now, but I'm not going to say that it's good ole Ziggy rearing his bald little head over my life.  I think it's just this constant cold and stress from the snow that's got me just wanting something, anything, to bring some sunshine back into my life.  And I am sure there are many who are feeling my pain right now.

We're now on our 2nd or 3rd layer 
of snow and it's all dirty, ugly!

I haven't really written too many personal posts lately.  I've been a little sensitive about it ever since I poured my soul a little too much, I think, three years ago.  I'm still a little embarrassed about that, but those posts remain for the same reason I first put them there.  If just one person reads what I wrote, or what I write, and sees them self in that post, then maybe they'll feel better knowing they're not alone, that maybe they're not as crazy or different as they might think.  We all get a little crazy in the mind sometimes, but then sometimes we need a little reminder that we're not the only ones feeling those feelings.

Anywho, so many things have been getting to me lately I don't even want to get into them all.  Between interpersonal problems at work, loneliness exacerbated by the weather, financial woes, overworking because of it, blah, blah, blah, but everyone around me seems a lil cranky these days, too, so maybe I'm not alone.  I think maybe all we'll all need is some sunshine and warmth to make us feel better.  Oh, we're all gonna feel so good that first warm, sunshiny day!

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