Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day, from Aunt Barbara

Since I didn't follow today's theme of President's Day for my Song of the Day post this morning, I still wanted to do something to commemorate the day.  Thank goodness for Aunt Barbara!  Though I'd seen some of these before, others I had not, they all gave me a chuckle and a smile when I saw them.  Auntie posted these and more on her Facebook page this morning and I share them here with you to make your day a lil brighter...

Happy Birthday Mr. Pwesident!

Bill looks a little too good here, no?

Wha, this one doesn't seem all that different?


Jimmah, ugly as a man, uglier as a woman!

Oh Bill, hmmmmm!!!!
See the family resemblance?

A big thanks to Aunt Barbara for always giving me a smile!

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