Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Fun Reunion to Complete a First Great Weekend of Summer

So far, summer has taken off with a picture perfect start.  The weekend was a great beginning to my summer, with a trip to the Grove with Laura Kim on Friday and then a very special reunion with some old friends on Saturday.  You see, from 1987 until the year 2000, I worked for Citibank, a career that helped save me from a lifetime of obscure, minimum wage jobs.  I learned a lot of valuable lessons in my life at Citibank and I made a lot of friends, too, like my pals Joann, Caroline and Linda.  Last night I hosted a reunion of the four of us.  It was our first time seeing each other in four years and we all picked up right where we left off.  I am one lucky guy!


Out of the three of these ladies, I know Linda the longest.  She and I had trained to work on the sales end of the bank together for six weeks in NYC way back in the early 90's and became fast friends.  I remember when I first met her I couldn't help but think that she looked a lot like 70's actress Bonnie Franklin from the TV show One Day at a Time, something which a lot of people seem to agree on...

Anyway, so now you can tell which one Linda is in the top picture, but then there's Caroline and Joann. Caroline is the beautiful young lady on the left.  She worked as a bank teller with us for a few years in the mid-90's, and the lovely young lady on the right is my friend Joann, who also worked as a teller with us during my tenure at Citi.  She's the one with whom I still have the most contact, though even that is sporadic. There is a fifth person, Bessie, who unfortunately wasn't able to join us last night.  Hopefully another time!

The whole reason for the visit was that Linda, who moved to South Carolina a few years ago, was coming up for a visit for the weekend and Joann suggested we all get together.  Since I hadn't entertained in awhile, I offered to host.  The night ended up being so much fun...we laughed and reminisced and laughed some more, just like old times.  Check out the pictures, they tell the story...

Caroline made a Mr. Bill on her hamburger

Spank meh!

You're a tiiiiiger!

Don't these three look like they could be he new hosts of The View?  Linda is having a profound moment, which brings Joann to tears and draws Caroline to her wine, lol.

So here's to a great night with three very special ladies.  Hopefully it won't be another four years before we catch up again...

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