Thursday, July 31, 2014

Song of the Day - Waves - Mr. Probz

My face above the water
My feet can't touch the ground,
Touch the ground, and it feels like
I can see the sands on the horizon
Every time you are not around

I'm slowly drifting away
Wave after wave, wave after wave
I'm slowly drifting (drifting away)
And it feels like I'm drowning
Pulling against the stream
Pulling against the stream

I wish I could make it easy
Easy to love me, love me
But still I reach 
To find a way
I'm stuck here in between
I'm looking for the right words to say

Oh, Spotify!  How did I not discover you earlier?  After hearing so much about Pandora and Spotify from people over the past couple of years, I finally decided to try the latter, only because I had more in common, musically speaking, with those who recommended the app, and I am loving it!  In just a week I've already picked up some great new stuff and it seems the possibilities are endless.  Here's one of the first tunes I discovered on Spotify.  It's a tune called Waves, and it's by Dutch recording artist Mr. Probz.  It's a very soothing, summer-type chill song and I love the singer's raspy voice and the steady island rhythms.  Check it out...

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