Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Latest Madonnathon Coming to Rockbar NYC this Sunday

It was over two years ago already that I went to my first Madonnathon at Splash Bar in New York City. Being a huge Madonna fan for many years, I was overwhelmed with joy at being in a great club with fellow Madonna fanatics listening and dancing and singing along to our star all night long.  It was such a great time!

Since covering that event, I've heard a couple of times from Jeannie Buxo, founder of Madonna's World blog, which puts on these fabulous Madonnathon parties several times a year in and around the world's greatest city. There've been a couple that I'd known about from Jeannie since that first one, but this Long Island boy could never make it on a work night.  Well, it's summer and that's about to change...

The latest, fabulous Madonnathon, Unapologetic Bitches Unite, is happening this Sunday, July 20th, at Rockbar in NYC from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., and I can't wait to be there.  So if any of you Madge fans are up for a lil bit of dancing to the greatest dance music star ever, then get your butts over to Rockbar NYC this Sunday.  See you there!

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