Tuesday, July 15, 2014

John's World on WordPress

It was just about two years ago that John's World had been put out of commission by Blogger.  In the end it was all a mistake, but for a couple of weeks there, I was scrambling to try and figure out what to do.  I ended up opening a John's World on WordPress, but I only posted about three items there before this blog was restored.  Though I haven't posted on there since 2012, I have kept it online, thinking that I might find use for it someday.  Since I am in a state of searching for how to post articles, and get paid, I've decided to resurrect the WordPress blog as a mirror site to this one, though I'm not really sure where that will take me. I've just exported all of my posts from here to there, and you can check the other site out here, or at the link towards the bottom right of this page.  I'm not sure where this will take me, but if it's easier to view me over there, please do so...

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