Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashback Friday Song of the Day and a Day in Wine Country - Dark Lady - Cher

Yesterday, Eddie returned to Florida after being up here to ride coasters with me and Rich out west for a week and a half.  On Wednesday, we had one last day to spend with him and I had suggested we go out east to Wine Country.  Bobby, AKA Blanche, who didn't come on our trip, was able to take the day off and join us.  For one full day, it would be the four of us, Blanche, Dita, Rose and Weezie.

Now Bobby, Rich and Eddie are three of my oldest friends.  We've all known each other for the better part of around 30 years, so it was nice to be able to spend this rare full day with three people whom I know and who know me so well.  And, we were going to the North Fork, which is the area in which I work, and so I know all of the ins and outs of the region.  In my head I spent the drive time planning what we'd see and do. 

We started out at Martha Clara, one of the funnest wineries on the East End.  They're always packing the house on weekends with art shows, barn dances and concerts, and they've got an awesome gift shop and animals, too.  Then it was off to Sparkling Pointe, one of the newer wineries and makers of delectable bubbly wines set in one of the most beautiful tasting rooms anywhere. Of course, by this time, at least Rich and I had our buzzes on and were very giggly.

We finished our wine tasting in Raphael, grabbing some cheese, crackers, meats and jams to go with our wine to enjoy on the beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyards. Afterwards, we headed off for a stroll through Greenport and then for dinner at one of my favorite East End eateries, Grana of Jamesport.  Grana is an authentic trattoria with absolutely delicious pizza and entrees, and it was the perfect setting to end the awesome day. I tell you, it's gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to know that I have such friends with whom I am totally comfortable.  These guys are the family I have chosen, and who've chosen me to be in theirs.  I am one lucky guy!

It's Weezie!

Oh, and now for our Song of the Day...all the way out east and back, we listened to a CD Blanche had had of Cher's greatest hits, and on the way home we came upon her great early singles that told a story: Half Breed, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, and this one, one which we all sang along to with smiles on our faces...Memories!  

The fortune queen of New Orleans
Was brushing her cat in her black limousine...

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