Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Livin' Life, Right?

I had a great weekend.  This is the very first summer, since I've been a teacher that I am not working, for the most part, and I am living life...or so it seems.  After that great road trip a couple of weeks ago, I have kept on being busy, hanging out with friends and having fun, but after a day like today I have this sense about me that there is something missing.  And I know what it is, but first, the weekend...

Hoptron Brewtique

Like I said I had an awesome weekend, starting with Friday night.  Some of my teacher friends were planning a get together at a place called Hoptron Brewtique in Patchogue, where I live.  Patchogue is a hopping place these days, with restaurants and clubs galore, and this was one I hadn't been to.

Very cool place!  It seems that beer connoisseurism has taken center stage after wineries had become so popular and places like the brewtique have been popping up all over the place.  The tavern is a modern day beer garden, complete with large picnic tables, nice snacks, and with a rotating stock of 20 or so beers that you can try in 'flights' of four.  The staff was very friendly and the place comes highly recommended by me, even if you're not a beer connoisseur!

Cherrys' White Party and Sea Tea

Saturday and Sunday was all about dancing as I headed out to Cherrys for their annual White Party on Saturday and the Sea Tea in the city last night.  Both nights featured great tunes and lots and lots of dancing...my favorite thing in the world!  I'd mentioned the White Party in my Song of the Day post yesterday, and as always it was so much fun.  Midway through the night I started dancing with this Latina chick, who's name escapes me, and the two of us burned up the floor all night long.

The Sea Tea was also a lot of fun.  Now I've learned over the years that you've got to hit the party boat on the right night, meaning with the right deejay and a good theme.  The music on the boat is what makes it a good night or not, because let's face it, if the music sucks, there's nowhere to go.  The theme of the evening can make or break the night, too, and going into last night's cruise we had no idea what HEBRO was.  I still don't actually, but I do know it's got something to do with gays of the Jewish persuasion.  I'll just leave you with that!

The deejay for the night was Steven Sidewalk.  Now I know Steven's style because he used to deejay at Splash on Thursday nights, my favorite night of the week to go there.  I convinced my friends that this would be the week to go, and we all went, me, Dita, Blanche, and our friends Tim and Steve.  I wasn't wrong.  The music, for the most part, was great, and we sweated out a lot of numbers on the crowded dance floor.

The only thing negative I'd say about the Sea Tea was that it got really expensive.  They've got a new boat for this season, a nice one, and it seems that they're passing that loan money on to the customers really quick. The price of the cruise not only jumped to $30 ($35 the day of the cruise), but so did the teeny, tiny drinks, which cost a whopping $13 apiece, up from $8 or $9 the last time I went in 2012.  Now that's a huge increase in this guy's opinion.

Livin' Life, Right?  Eh!

So now I return to where I started this post.  I know that the summer I've been having seems like all fun and well, fun, to a lot of people, and I do believe in making the most of whatever time you've got in this life. Unfortunately I know too many people who just go through the motions and don't seem to enjoy their lives as much, and I think that's sad.  That being said, after the Monday I had I can tell you that what's all fun and games is still missing something, and that's somebody.

This October, it will be 7 years that I am single.  In November I turn the big...I HATE to say it, but the big 5-0.  I never envisioned myself alone at this point in my life, and things are not looking good for me.  As always, I am all over the place with this one because I do love the single life that I've made for myself these past few years.  I've made many connections and I'm still looking as good, if not better than I ever did.  On the other hand, living alone absolutely sucks!  After all of these years, I finally understand what my dear old Aunt Vi was going through the last 30 or so years of her life.  There was a point towards the end when she would call everybody aimlessly, including me, just out of pure loneliness.  She needed voices and she needed to voice hers to somebody, anybody.

I do want somebody to take away some of my loneliness, but I don't have much optimism.  Being my age and gay does not bode well for me in that department.  It doesn't help either that I've become hopelessly picky.  After being in a relationship for 20 years, I can see now the trouble that was going to happen from early on and the next person, if there is one, I want to last.  I also tend to like guys younger than me...doubly difficult...and that's not to say there aren't guys my age I wouldn't want to be with, but the ones I'm attracted to don't want me.  Sigh!

So is there any hope for me?  I'm not even looking for a move-in partner, at least for now.  I just want a steady person to spend nice evenings or lazy days with...cuddling included!  I don't know, but every time I venture into the city, I can't help but think I'd have more of a chance there.  I mean, I live in suburbia for dog's sake!  There aren't too many options in Suffolk County, Long Island...but, my job is on the East End and my house is my financial partner, so I feel stuck.  Oh Lord!  Suggestions?



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