Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Sailing Adventure to Acadia, Part II: Arrival

When I woke up that morning, I was quite groggy and at first I wasn't sure exactly where I was, but a big wave that caused me to roll on my bed jolted me back to reality.  When I saw the light coming through my window, I was excited.  I'd made it through the night! I dressed quickly and headed up to the deck to check out where we were.  I could see land!  I'd made it through the worst part.

A light morning fog hung over the gulf, and from that I knew we were nearing Mt. Desert Island, our destination.  Xavier had planned the timing of the trip to avoid the worst of the fog, which apparently is a usual occurrence out there in the mornings.  It wasn't the type of heavy fog I'd expected, but still it gave the sea a quiet and eerie feel.

The land that we saw, oddly enough, was a place called Long Island.  Funny, I thought that the place I lived was the only Long Island in the world.  Anyhow, this Long Island is very different than the one I live's much, much smaller and only has a year-round population of about 230.  

We rolled along the coast of Long Island, and other small islets, slowly but surely making our way towards Mt. Desert Island. This part of our sail was undoubtedly one of the coolest, as we got to see dolphins and seals doing their thing in the cool, calm waters of this chilly foggy morning. This was about as calm and peaceful one could get, I imagined, and I enjoyed every moment coasting slowly towards my newest adventure. 

Before long, we were approaching the big island that is home to Acadia National Park.  Everyone I had spoken to about the place had attested to its beauty and I was very excited to see it.  Xavi's plan was to skip the marina for the first night and moor the boat in a little cove within a fjord that cuts the island in two towards its southern side.  Sailing into the fjord was a breeze, and the views were simply spectacular! The water was very deep and Xavier had to work to find a spot that was shallow enough to anchor the boat, which he eventually did.

What can I say?  This place was absolutely beautiful...a little bit of heaven on Earth.  Check out some pictures of the cove and take in its beauty.  And stay tuned for the next part of my sailing adventure to Acadia... 

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