Sunday, August 10, 2014

Song of the Day - L8 CMMR - Lily Allen

Well, I'm off to P-Town for the week, and today's song fits the situation perfectly.  You see, as I said earlier, this year's a little bit mixed up.  Whereas last year our house rental was from Saturday to Saturday, this year the owner changed it to Sunday to Sunday.  Bummer!  Even worse of a bummer, all of the other 20-something people that are joining us for the week are already there, because most rentals are Saturday to Saturday....and four of the nine people in our house went up yesterday, as well, with the owner allowing some people to use available space for the extra day.

So five of, Rich and Bobby, and Gary and Sal are late comers, or as Lily refers to us, L8 CMMR's. Hehe.  Anyway, this is one of my favorites of Lily's latest Sheezus album, so definitely check it out...

NOTE: Since I've run short on time (I really wanted to finish the rest of the Roller Coaster Road Trip 2014 posts.), I'm gonna put that off just for a bit as I blog from P-Town.  I'm sure there'll be lots to tell! 

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